Introduction to Rhythm

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Quincy Drum School

Rhythm is a very important concept when learning a new instrument. You can have great understanding of song structure and chord progression, but if you lack the rhythm you’ll be hindered. Rhythm is a very important fundamental concept to any aspiring musician. Without it, the person will never function well in a band. ┬áIt may very well be one of the most important things a musician can have mastery in, yet it is so incredibly easy to learn.

Percussion rhythm is the rate that a musician plays their percussion instruments to the beat. The range of beats is very wide, and it is important for the musician — such as a drummer — to play exactly on beat and not stray from it. The rest of the band relies on that beat to keep their own rhythm whether they are playing the keyboard, guitar, bass, or synth.

In this respect the drummer is the most vital component to any band.

If you are musician, you can learn a few things from a successful drummer. By following a perfect beat, you will perfect your own rhythm and timing. Even if you are an advanced guitar player, it’s highly recommended you take a few online drum lessons to master the basics of rhythm. You may think that you would not benefit from these drum lessons; however, it will boost your skill despite what instrument you play!

When you are playing a percussion instrument along to songs for drummers, you need to keep an ear out to find the perfect beat. Perfect rhythm is just a matter of practice and more practice. It’s never something you’ll be 100% perfect with as there is always room for improvement.

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